Photography in Video Games

In recent years video games have undoubtedly become one of the most popular entertainment mediums in the world. As a result, many game titles feature photography as a theme. Sometimes the main character is a photographer. Other times the central conflict of the narrative is set off by the discovery of photographs.

If readers want to stay up to date with new game releases, then the BBC website can be helpful. It keeps people informed about exciting emerging titles. The biggest ones tend to also be reviewed by top BBC game critics. It is surprising how many video games utilise photography in some way. This is mainly because the taking of pictures is a crucial aspect of modern society.

Photography as a Game Mechanic

The game Dead Rising is an excellent example of how photography can feature as a mechanic. The main character is a photojournalist who is tasked with visually documenting a zombie apocalypse. The Grand Theft Auto franchise also contains numerous missions where the player must take pictures and send them off to their boss. This mission type has appeared in the series since 2002.