Selling Photos to Newspapers

News publications are always searching for images associated with popular emerging stories. In the past, they would hire a professional photographer to supply them. However, this is no longer the norm. Instead, these companies accept pictures taken by members of the public. Anyone can become a photojournalist.

People who can take great-looking photos are more likely to have their submissions accepted by newspapers, who will pay to publish them. The amount of money they will receive can vary greatly. It will depend on what the demand is for the story.

Celebrity culture is a popular topic of tabloid publications. The need for photos of famous people has led to the emergence of an entire industry. Paparazzi photographers seek out picture opportunities of celebrities so that they can sell the images for a significant profit. The publication that buys the picture usually retains the sole rights to it.

Other times regular photographers just get lucky. They are in the right place at the right time. Therefore it is a good idea to be constantly taking pictures of exciting events just in case they turn into a breaking news story.